Jesse Zhang


I'm Jesse -- welcome to my site ๐Ÿ™‚.

My background is in engineering (primarily web and AI/ML) and math. I studied Computer Science at Harvard, where I also interned at places such as Citadel, Google, HRT, Intel, Kensho, and EDO.

After college, I founded Lowkey, a startup that was backed by Andreessen Horowitz and Y Combinator before being acquired by Niantic at the end of 2021!

Afterwards, I worked on the Social team at Niantic. I'm also involved in some funds via Sequoia Scouts and Neo, and started angel investing.

Nowadays, I'm working on a new company.

In my free time, I like writing math contest problems (like for the AMC 10 and AMC 8), playing basketball, watching tennis, board games, and certain video games (Grandmaster in Teamfight Tactics).

Fun Projects

Camel Up

Real-time multiplayer implementation of the fun and degenerate game Camel Up. Made in 3D with WebGL. Use the arrow keys to pan around.

Vaporwave Horizon

An infinitely moving horizon made in the Vaporwave style, built entirely with CSS animations and 3d perspective.


Real-time multiplayer implementation of the game Bananagrams that you can play with friends, complete with customizations and fun keyboard shortcuts.

Financials Visualizer

An elegant app to visualize the 3 main financial statements of any publicly-listed US equity. API currently only supports annual 10-K data.

ZK Mastermind

A demo of the game Mastermind using Zero-Knowledge proofs. Responses to guesses are returned along with a ZK proof without revealing the answer.

Custom GPTs

A demo of how you can feed diverse data sources into LLMs for customized knowledge, for example, scientific papers and podcasts.

Jesse Zhang


I'm currently starting a new company, based in San Francisco. You can follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Angel Investments

Pika AI
Visual Electric
Verse Medical

My Math Problems

An architect is building a structure that will place vertical pillars at the vertices of regular hexagon ABCDEF, which is lying horizontally on the ground. The six pillars will hold up a flat solar panel that will not be parallel to the ground. The heights of the pillars at A, B, and C are 12,9, and 10 meters, respectively. What is the height, in meters, of the pillar at E?A small airplane has 4 rows of seats with 3 seats in each row. Eight passangers have boarded the plane and are distributed randomly among the seats. A married couple is next to board. What is the probability there will be 2 adjacent seats in the same row for the couple?